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 For clients we provide comprehensive service, including audit of existing insurance contracts. Then we evaluate the risk, ensure that the insurance offers are processed by renowned insurers …
The employer may claim compensation for damages up to 4.5 times the salary.
The insurance is intended for employees who work in the company on the basis of an employment contract …
The insurance includes, for example, apartment buildings - including accessories, buildings and small auxiliary buildings, houses under construction and in reconstruction, building materials used for construction and reconstruction, electric motors used to operate the house …
The insurance can be arranged for a particular building or an annual contract covering all projects within the insurance period. It is possible to insure material damage.
The following are considered to be property insurance:
Apartment houses including their accesories, Buildings and constructions of various purpose. Residential buildings, building materials used for construction and reconstruction of …

 Proffesional liability insurance is stipulated by legisation, in the perfotmance of selection proffession, providing peofesional services:
Attorneys and notaries...

Company Dürl & Partner has been insurance broker since 1995. From the beginning, it has focused on insurance companies and projects with a significant international element. Although a relatively small business, at least in terms of staffing, it is highly professional and can offer its clients unique access to the European insurance market through direct contacts of their employees across the European Union. In spite of the international focus, we do not neglect domestic clients, covering the risks of which we care less. In our work we do not represent any insurance company; on the contrary, we represent our clients, for whom we seek and negotiate the most suitable and the best possible insurance available not only in the Czech Republic but also in foreign insurers.
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